Piano Moving


Piano moving

by Jack Houweling

Piano moving can be very difficult and should be left to professionals. Both the weight and size of a piano determine how it should be moved.

Pianos can weigh between 400 and 1300 pounds making this task risky for an inexperienced mover. And although heavy, different pianos have different proportions, thus they need to be handled differently. Upright pianos are top heavy and can easily tip. Grand’s are more difficult because the must be flipped on their side and put on a special skid. Although you may not want to hire a mover just to move around the home this can also be dangerous or cause other problems such as marking floors, walls or steel casters will not roll properly. Even movers will put a piano on a dolly to move a piano across a room.

The pros move many pianos a day and are very good at it. Because they are fast and efficient the cost will be fair as opposed to other types of movers who will take twice as long and do not have the experience. Professional piano movers make it look so easy, but it takes experience and proper equipment to be a pro. They use ramps, dollies, straps, sleds and moving blankets and even some use stair climbers.

Call a piano store, teacher or a piano tuner to get a referral for a qualified piano mover,

or check your directory for PIANO MOVERS who only move pianos.

Only let piano movers move pianos.

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  1. Yes, it is absolutely right. Moving such a heavy and big structured piano is not everyone's cup of tea. For that you need right skills and equipments, which you can get through piano movers interstate services. This is true that every service has it's pros and cons and thus you need to check every factor before you hire any service.

  2. Moving is very stressful work and moving piano is not an easy task. It’s a very difficult task. Piano is the only one way to safe move hire a professional movers. I read your blog and i found much useful information on piano moving. Thanks for sharing the great information. Good Luck!

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