Piano Care and Cleaning

Like people, pianos are comfortable with temperature of 68 degrees and 42% humidity.

Always keep your piano away from fireplaces, radiators air conditioners and open windows. Fluctuations of temperature and humidity will knock the piano out of tune and in extreme cases can do major damage.

Place the piano away from direct sunlight as the sun can damage and fade the finish.

Keep all liquids away from your piano, plants, vases and drinks (latt├ęs and cokes) should not be put on the piano. Liquid can ruin the finish and if it gets inside the piano can cause irreversible damage.

To clean the finish use a feather duster, and then a soft damp cloth. Never use cleaners

or polishes for your piano. Remember to ask your technician and leave the inside for him.

Piano players will enjoy their pianos when they are regularly tuned, voiced and maintained by a qualified technician. With experience and excellent craftsmanship they can can bring out the best in your piano.