Steinway School

All -Steinway School Definition

The All-Steinway School designation is given to an institution directly by Steinway & Sons.
An inventory analysis must be submitted to Steinway & Sons before approval can be granted.
Requirements to become an All-Steinway School
1. 90% or more of the acoustic pianos owned by an institution must be Steinway & Sons, Boston or Essex pianos.
2. A Steinway approved maintenance program must be in place. It is important to the reputation of the institution as well as to the reputation of Steinway & Sons that all pianos in an All-Steinway School be kept in performance quality condition. If this stipulation is not met, Steinway & Sons reserves the right to remove the All Steinway designation from this institution.
3. Steinway pianos are to be placed in the performance spaces and piano teaching studios and, preferably, in piano major practice rooms.
4. Steinway-designed pianos are to be placed in all other teaching studios, classrooms and practice rooms.
5. Pianos not designed by Steinway & Sons (i.e. historical instruments must be handled with discretion).
6. The institution cannot participate in any loaner programs from another manufacturer.
7. Existing inventory that is to be considered for qualification as an All-Steinway School must be in good condition which will be determined by a Steinway factory representative.
8. All-Steinway Schools are subject to periodic inspection by a Steinway factory representative to be sure that the pianos are being maintained in accordance with Steinway standards. Steinway & Sons may request that an inventory analysis be conducted periodically.
9. An approved number of technicians who service All-Steinway Schools are required to participate in the Steinway & Sons Technical Programs.
10. All-Steinway Schools in the Americas must maintain an inventory of at least 10 pianos.
*Steinway & Sons reserves the right to amend this definition.