Clients and Comments

I very much enjoyed playing it that night at the Shadbolt in Burnaby. I really liked the warmth and richness of the tone and despite only having the lid up at half-stick, the sound of the piano came across extremely well.

What I liked most was the touch of the keys… as a pianist, I find that this is the biggest issue whenever I play a different piano. After all, If I am not able to comfortably control the keys, then how can I really control the quality of the sounds that I am producing?
I liked what you did with the touch. I was most pleased with how I played that night (which is not something I say all too often, believe it or not!)

Lisa T.
Concert pianist

I tried out the piano today after you left and it was awesome. The touch has changed so much. It is firmer, and more responsive. And the sound is excellent. I noticed the difference in sound and feel immediately. It feels like a new piano.


Flavio. F
Concert pianist

December 28, 2005

In the late summer of 2004, I hired Jack Houweling to prepare some of the pianos at the UBC School of Music for the beginning of term. I did not give him much notice for such a big job, yet he willingly made time in his schedule to accommodate us.

He accomplished a great deal in the many hours he spent with us, and because of his dedication,
We were able to start the academic year with our pianos tuned and repaired.

I was pleased with his punctuality, his dedication to the job, and his ability to tune instruments-
Many of which suffered from months of overuse and dramatic climate shifts.

I recommend him as a reliable and good piano tuner, with a fine attitude on top of it all!

Jane Coop
Head, Keyboard Division
UBC School of Music

Dear Jack,

On behalf of the Music Man Festival, we would like to express our thanks for your excellent tuning of the two grand pianos which were used in May, 2003. The pianos were used for the Concerto Gala featuring the 5 winners of the festival’s Concerto Competition performing with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.