How to find a Piano Tuner Technician

How to find a Piano Tuner Technician

In every profession you will come across those who are good, not so good and those who are great. Piano technicians are no different and there are steps one should take in order to find a great piano technician. Many people find someone to service their piano through referrals from friends, reputable piano teachers, piano players or music studios.

A great technician is one who has educated themselves, and continues to do so by attending piano seminars or conventions. He or she should be able to complete any repair and bring the best out of your piano. Understanding the art of tuning and knowing how to create beautiful touch and tone are the goals of any good technician. The customer should be able to feel and hear the difference.

Finding a great technician who is reliable, honest and experienced can be difficult and time consuming but with some research and asking questions you will find the task much easier and rewarding. Some questions to keep in mind while doing your research are how many years of experience do they have, are they able to do all repairs, what are the guarantees and what kind of references do they have.

Remember that a great technician is only as good as the last piano serviced.

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